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    The Development of PTO Finish Mower for Sale
     Mar 20, 2020|View:416

    Before the advent of the PTO finish mower for sale, the main tool of lawn mowing was sickle. Grazing cattle and sheep was also an important method to keep the grassland flat. With the rise of golf, tennis, and football, it is more and more urgent for people to have a smooth and beautiful grassland to watch the sports ground. In 1805, the first machine for harvesting grain and cutting weeds was invented by the Englishman Chirac. The machine was driven by people and driven by gears to cut grass. This is the shape of a rotary blade mower.

    pto finish mower for sale

    The development of PTO finish mower at home and abroad.

    In 1805, Thomas Prake, an English engineer, obtained the patent for the first lawnmower. At that time, the lawnmower was equipped with a circular knife, and its body was heavy and its operation was not ideal. By 1830, Evan Martin had produced a hand-held roller mower similar to the one on trial today. In the early days, Wangfu type mower was widely used. The productivity of the mower was increased by increasing the cutting amplitude and the forward speed of the mower. In the 1970s, many countries began to develop rotary blade mowers, which use high-speed rotary blades to cut plants without support. Such machines have the advantages of simple structure, less maintenance time, no need to sharpen and change blades. In recent years, the mower equipment of developed countries in Europe and America is more mature, the structural parameters are more reasonable, and the reliability and productivity are improved rapidly. The world-famous companies that produce lawn mowers include New Holland, John Deere, Case, Ferguson, Chengyuan, wig, and Qianjin. Their equipment has been successfully processed in the mechanical structure, power matching, hydraulic systems, and control systems. Some of the latest scientific theories, research achievements and technologies are reflected in this mechanical equipment. For example, in the control system, SCM, PLC, IPC, and other automatic control means have been fully applied. Some developed countries, such as the United States, have invented robot mowers and realized automatic operation. At present, most of the foreign countries use roller type, disc type, horizontal rotary type or rotary blade type mowers, which are durable and fast. These machines and tools can complete three processes of mowing, flattening and slicing at a time.

    China's production of PTO finish mower for sale started late, the scale of production enterprises is generally small, the use of products is relatively single, there is no large-scale batch, so for a long time, lawnmowers are mainly imported. Since the reform and opening up, China's lawn industry has developed from the rise to considerable development, only ten years, but it has brought great vitality to the development of the lawn machinery industry. Firstly, the machinery is advanced, more than 90% of which are imported products. Secondly, the machinery supporting from lawn planting to maintenance and production is complete, basically realizing the whole process of mechanization. Thirdly, there are many kinds of products with a high degree of seriation. The development of lawn mowers is the fastest in China. There are dozens of mowers introduced and used in more than ten countries, such as the United States and Japan. China has also started to produce lawnmowers. At present, there are many kinds of lawn mowers used at home and abroad, and their classification methods are also diversified.

    With the development of society and the economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the living environment, and more and more attention has been paid to the protection of the urban environment. Lawn construction in China has also got rapid development. It has become a common understanding that lawn beautifies the environment, solidifies the soil, protects the slope and changes the air.