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    • RTM Mid-heavy rotary tiller
    • RTM Mid-heavy rotary tiller

    RTM Mid-heavy rotary tiller

    1.Transmission: By PTO linkage
    2.Cast Blades:keeping a sharp cutting edge and maximizing the performance of the chipper. They are made of special material, with over times heat treatment process to ensure great working performance
    3.The suspension plate shape is made by laser cutting,molding location
    4. Use powder painting
    5.Labels are:water proof, damp proof, mould proof, anti-ultraviolet radiation

    Guarantee & Warranty: 1.Warranty time:14months,longer than any other Chinese suppliers. 2.With CE CERTIFICATES. 3.All of your ordered machines will be tested to ensure the quality before shipment. 4.We will provide you with the test reports together with the container or sample packages. 5.Even the packages,all of them are guaranteed for customs check or inspections.

    new wood chipper with 3 point
    Changzhou BETTER. AGRO Industry (B.T.A), as one of the leading manufacturers in the production of agricultural equipments, is located in Tianning District, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, with good location, convenient transportation and complement resources.
    B.T.A's motto is "tending to the details others can 't ", and it is committed to creating the top brand in the high-end agricultural machinery. In line with the philosophy of "taking the initiative to participate in market competition", B.T.A spares no effort to design and develop the most professional and the most sophisticated new types of agricultural machinery products.
    B.T.A has professional laser cutting machines, fully automatic CNC bending machines, standard welding jigs and automatic spraying production line and other advanced production equipment, as well as excellent technology research and development team. It strictly follows European & American Design and Use Standard and adopts an advanced management system and strict quality control. It not only gives strict product performance assessment according to the field test specification and passed the CE certification, but also constantly improves and upgrades products after user feedback. B.T.A is well known with its superior design, rich varieties and reliable quality, it is especially recognized in the United States, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and other countries.
    B.T.A is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of various types of agricultural and garden machinery. Our main products are divided into our categories: farm machinery, garden machinery, forestry machinery and road machinery. Some of our well known products include 3 point linkage rotary tiller, finishing mower, flail mower, verge flail mower, rotary slasher, wood chipper, trailer, spare parts and Japanese tractor accessories, which are exported to over 20 countries.
    In the future, B.T.A will further optimize the structure of existing products according to the requirements and characteristics of farmers, satisfy the needs of the international market and establish the perfect after-sales service system.



    BETTER.AGRO use Laser Cutting to ensure the locations of the spindles,guards,to control the overall shape and hole patterns.


    BETTER.AGRO use CNC Bending and Check Fictures to ensure accurate dimensions,to ensure all bolt holes line up and control the bend angles,jog depth and hole to hole distance,prevent blades from contacting the baffles.


    BETTER.AGRO use weld Fixture to ensure consistent user assembly and a quality fit.


    BETTER.AGRO have a full powder coating line,we use good type of Preparation and Powder Coat Processes.good powder line can avoid paint issues.Better outlook is the same important as great quality.



    Quality control, BETTER.AGRO test every of our machines to ensure the quality before shipment.

    1.Missing Paint
    2.Adjuster Bolt
    3.Parts and hardware items check
    5.CE label
    6.Oil full
    7.Gap and holes check




    BETTER.AGRO use wood or steel packages accord with machines items. so that our customers will have a easy time returning machines.

    4.CE certificates


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